Discovering Lucca

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luccaThe city of Lucca, after Florence and Pisa, is a must see place for tourists who go to Tuscany.
Located in the N-W area of the region, it is also a strategic place in order to visit the Garfagnana area, the beautiful gardens and the seaside towns.

Planning a trip to Lucca is very easy, since you can reach the place by train and during summer you can also have a tour by bicycle, enjoying the nice weather and seeing the amazing villas along the streets.

Top attractions in the city are basically every spot you can find, starting from the historic center which has medieval towers and something like 100 churches.

Enclosed by the walls, the place can be visited by walk, in order to be able to see how the walls are part of the best preserved ramparts in the country. During the 19th Century the top of the walls was transformed in a huge park by planting grass and trees: it is about 4 km long, and you can have access to it by one of the six gates or one of the eleven bastions.

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Examples of the Medieval ruins can be seen all around, especially in the buildings located near the big square where the San Michele Church is located.

Devoted to Saint Michael (the English name of the saint), it was built between the 11th and the 14th Centuries, and it had a big Romanesque facade, which was larger than the actual one. On the top of it you can admire the statue of the archangel while taking some great pictures during sunny or rainy days. The shoots, in fact, can be great on these days, giving an idea of how the original church looked like back in time.

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