San Gimignano

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San Gimignano can be described as the medieval Manhattan. Yes, since its ancient towers and fortifications boss the Tuscan sky, impressing both citizens and tourists.

UNESCO has declared the entire village a World Heritage Site, because of the imposing stones and the cobbled alleys very famous during the Middle Ages. This little town, in fact, has a special and very long history.

Once San Gimignano was an important stop on an old pilgrimage route leading from France to Rome, the so-called Via Francigena. It was both popular and populated, but of course things can change during the time.

In fact today San Gimignano is known more for being full of tourists rather than pilgrims, even during the off-season.

The first thing you have to do is going to the Torre Grossa and to take in the lovely views on the Tuscan landscape beyond.

The towers, originally, were 72, but now only 14 are still there. They were built by two rival clans who wanted to destroy each other in order to win the supremacy and the power of the city. It was a very frequent act back in that time, since the main important thing was proving to be the best and the brave.

Another place that deserves your attention is the Collegiata church, a masterpiece, such as the city walls and fortifications. The architecture, in fact, is an important component in the town, as well as some Tuscan specialties, such as a variety of wines, the Pecorino cheese with truffle and the fresh baked bread. Typical products from the Middle Age which are still very used and loved nowadays.

These are the reasons why tourists should know more about the small villages, and not only about the big and well known cities.

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