Summer in Italy

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summerLuckily summer is coming and you can start to organize your next vacation. If you plan to visit Italy, here there are some hints that can help you.

1- What to wear: since the weather will be definitely hot, do not bring so many sweaters and so on, since they will just make the suitacase heavier, taking space for some souvenirs you could actually buy as memories.
Do not forget to pack comfortable shoes for your walks, as well as some sandals or heels for the night.

2- How much money to bring: according to where you want to go, you can find cheaper hotels and restaurants or the expensive ones. All credit cards are accepted, so if you feel like you do not want to bring so much money with you, do not worry: you don’t have to.
Just keep in mind that in bars you may not be able to use the credit card if you spend less than a fixed amount, which is usually 10 euros.

3- Tipping: Italians do not tip. However, if you feel like doing it, remember you don’t have to calculate any percentage of the bill. Do not be surprised if waiters look at you in a strange way if you leave them some money. It’s simply because they are not used to.

4- Because of #3, if they ask you to tip, you can easily say that you don’t have to, since it not mandatory according to the Italian culture. Do not pass for a tourist who don’t know how tipping works in Italy.

4- Italian language: one of the words you need to know is gelato, of course. Ice cream, in fact, is something mandatory during summer. You can choose between several tastes and they are all good. Have a different one each day, in order to decide which of them is your favorite one.


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