The White Truffle Exhibition in San Miniato

sanminiatoIt’s starting, the White Truffle Exhibition will take place in Piazza XX Settembre, in the centre of San Miniato on 14/15 – 21/22 – 28/29 november 2009.

San Miniato is situated at the crossroads of the Florence-Pisa and the Lucca-Siena roads. In this beautiful town, people started to celebrate white truffle back in 1970, considering it a real godsend. San Miniato is marvellous, it keeps signs of  Etruscan and Roman era. White Truffle Exhibition is located in the San Miniato Vecchia, enclosed within a well-preserved medieval wall.

The San Miniato hills white truffle is a production that extends into the countryside of Pisa province in the Egola, Elsa and Era Valleys, next to Arno river.  White truffle is located just a few inches deep, in few areas choosen by nature for the special, almost mysterious combination of forest fauna and geological substratum. That is the tuber Magnatum Pico, Food of the Kings, one of the finest underground fungus.

The quality of this fantastic ‘fruits of the Earth‘ is always excellent, coming from rigid rules in its harvesting and basically from the respect given by collectors.

For this reasons San Miniato White Truffle is very rare. It can be harvested only for three months (October, November and December).

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit San Miniato in one of those weekends! You will experience a totally new gastronomical dimension.