Would you like a drop of vin santo? from 5 to 8 December 2009

vinsanto tuscanyOffering Vin Santo is one of the oldest gestures in Tuscan hospitality. A tradition that is still alive and Lo gradiresti un goccio di vin santo? Would you like a drop of vin santo? is a phrase containing a ritual that our fathers transmitted us. Vin santo means saint (or sacred) wine.

The sixth edition of Would you like a drop of vin santo? will take place  from 5 to 8 December 2009 in Montefollonico in Siena Province. It’s just a few kilometers away from Torrita di Siena, positioned in the hills between Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia. Montefollonico is a typical medieval village surrounded by ancient walls.

The village is full of legends and the days of the festival will be animated by jugglers, acrobats, musicians and dragons, transporting visitors in a long journey back in time, in the fantastic world of kings.

Offering “a drop” of vin santo is not just a way of speaking, because the highest quality of this product – the one offered here – is very rare and offered in small doses.

In the recent past every family produced its vin santo according to its own secret recipe.
Nowadays wine production is one of the elements characterizing the agricultural economy of the area. In Montefollonico area there are numerous varieties DOC I.G. and I.G.T., that means quality and prestige.

That’s way Montefollonico is The village of Vin Santo, where producers work with love. They give great attention to the preservation of tradition and values.

The 2009 edition presents a calendar of events related to local production of Vin Santo and takes the value of a story that traces the skilful work of the ancestors bequeathed as a gift of hospitality and history of the best traditions.

This year’s program of Would you like a drop of vin santo? offers workshops like The ABC of Sommelier, the fifth edition of The best homemade Vin Santo, with 30 homemade producers aand a special day determining friendship with Porto and portoguese music like fado.