Bed & Breakfasts

B&B tuscanyBed & Breakfasts are the best solution for those starting a not-so-long holiday in Tuscany. They even suit for those who got time but who really want to travel around without missing anything. A Bed & Breakfasts can be rented for just few days and in many cases for just one night. That’s why this kind of accommodations are specially dedicated to young couples, small families or even mature couples looking for a dynamic holiday.

Prices are often very cheap, cheaper than hotel’s. In terms of money saving, B&Bs are just above campingĀ  and bungalow solution, but they offer a very special context.

B&Bs are family run so that you can meet directly who is going to rent you a room and prepare your breakfast. B&Bs owners are very disposable to satisfy your needs, giving quick informations about the place you are going to visit.

B&Bs are very clean and recently renewed accommodations, because they have been built through Tuscany in the past ten years. Strictly speaking about breakfast in many cases you will find salty dishes too, in addition to the italian sweet breakfast tradition.

B&Bs have got common lounges with television, laundry room, wi-fi areas and kitchen, where it is possible to prepare quick snacks. That is what differentiates B&B from hotels, a familiar atmosphere in which you will find freedom to move from a room to another wearing just your pyjama, feeling yourself inside a place where everyone is a friend.

B&Bs are located everywhere in Tuscany and they are the quickest solution for a last minute holiday. Some areas, like Maremma, Costa degli Etruschi and Versilia are really suited for this kind of vacation as they offer a special environment.