tuscany farmhousesFarmhouses are the right choice for those who are looking for a different holiday, in terms of living spaces, activities and rural tourism. Agritourism (Agriturismo) is one the most typical vacation rental in Tuscany, it spreads all over the region.

Tuscan countryside is that of wine yards, olive trees, beautiful hills where small farms are located. These country houses have been readapted to offer a pleasant atmosphere where you can regenerate,  discovering a new relationship with the nature.

Farmhouses offer a special vacation to their guests: taking care of plants and animals, harvesting all together, preparing flour, oil, chesees… these are just some of the activities that you can do.

In its original concept, looking for Agriturismo was trying to follow the rhythm of the earth for few days, discovering ancient flavours, learning recipes from old women.

Today a holiday in Farmhouse could be just an independent holiday, where you move and do what you want during the day, having a stunning accommodation to relax yourself eating genuine food.

Farmhouses are located near small villages and rural areas that have converted themselves into ecotourism areas. Amiata, Valdorcia, Garfagnana, Maremma, Casentino…these are just some of this sites, places full of woods, valleys surrounded by mountains where it’s possible to hear the breath of nature.

Real Agriturismo is not so cheap but it offers a lot in terms of quality of your staying. It’s ideal for small group of friends, couples and for everyone who takes care about visiting Tuscany in a funny, relaxing and peaceful way.