Carnival in Tuscany

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Carnival has officially stated, since the celebrations have to end 40 days before Easter, according to the Bible. As soon as it ends, in fact, it starts the so-called Lent which prepares you to get ready for the Resurrection of Jesus.

Due to the fact that Easter is on March 31st this year, the first events started last weekend, even if the main festivals, such as the Viareggio Carnival, which are well known in all the world, will continue until the end of February.

If you have never participated to an Italian carnival, you can’t miss the chance this year, especially if you are spending some days as vacation or holiday in Tuscany. Believe me, it would be a pity for you, since these festivals are so interesting and reflect so many cultural aspects of the region.

Choose the carnival you are interested in, according to the dates and the place you are in now.

The San Gimignano one is still available on February 3rd and 10th, starting at 3.30 pm. You will see a very fun show, full of music, masked groups, confetti (sweets) and colorful atmosphere.

The so-called carnival Mugello Borgo San Lorenzo, as the name suggests, take place in Borgo San Lorenzo, which is one of the main towns in the beautiful green area near Florence, called Mugello.

February 3rd, 10th and 12th, starting at 3 pm, the town will propose 3 interesting carnival events, hosting parades in the main square, Piazza Dante (Dante is a clear reference to the most important Italian poet, Dante Alighieri).

The best thing about this festival is that the entrance is free, so do not miss the chance to go there. You won’t have any excuses, so, since you really want to discover the beauty of the country, participate in social life and see how Italian live some specific moments of the year.

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