Viareggio Mare 2010 ‘The Show of the Sea’

viareggio tuscanyThe city vibrates, moves, lives, that’s the main claim of the forthcoming edition of Viareggio Mare. Four days, a wonderful scenario, big exhibitions and shows related to professions and resources of the sea.

Viareggio has an ancient heritage regarding ships building, and the sea, as long as the carnival, are the main tourist attractions. Big sandy beaches, a magic landscape with hills, lake and mountains and the charm of the Liberty Style, the Italian modernism that has spread at high level in Tuscany. Viareggio took advantages from naval engineering, utilizing Masters carpenters skills to built giant Carnival floats.

From 2 to 6 of June the world capital of yachting will host Viareggio Mare, widely known for the Notte Blu, Blue Night, that will take place on saturday 5 June. Special guests, arts and crafts from tourism, trade, culture, music, sports, five days devoted to knowledge sharing and entertainement.

Water will be the main ingredient of the seven edition of the show, with exhibitions and events for the whole family, giving welcome once again to the summer season. After Viareggio Mare the Star Class European Championship will take place, beginning on June 5 and ending on Sunday 13.

This year Viareggio wants to surprise the entire nautical world with a special “tour de force” of a total of 12 days uninterrupted. For all participants will possibbili testing offshore with sailboats and learn the secrets of fish on board trawlers Cooperative Mare Nostrum, which in recent years is trying to enhance the beauty of the ocean and the quality of fishery resources through fishing.

There will also performances by Terranova rescue dogs on the beach in front of the port in Viareggio, lifeboat demonstrations by experienced lifeguards. One of the most successfull appointment is that organized by the Riva Society Italy, leading a group of historic Riva boats, from Viareggio to Pisa, Florence and La Spezia, of course through the water. The final appointment with Riva is scheduled for Sunday, June 6 with the Concours d’Elegance and the parade in the Channel port of Viareggio.

Many stands will be over the city, with areas devoted to food, crafts, collectors and antiquities. All the civic museums, such as Gamc, the gallery that houses many masterpieces of modern and contemporary art, will remain open inspecial hours. Even the prestigious Maritime Museum, unique in Italy, will be open for free throughout the event. Finally, the younger have the Red Bull Bus that will stop in Viareggio with the band The Jains and Lombroso. In short, the ingredients are all there for five days of pure fun!

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: LucatraversA