Mama’s Bakery in Florence: a touch of American food in Tuscany

Are you visiting Florence all day long at in the afternoon you get hungry? Mama’s Bakery is the your solution, since it is the go-to spot for American food in the city. Order a plain bagel with some good cream cheese (which is made of herb and garlic), or a club sandwich, or all the American food you can think of.

Tourists are crazy about the place, the Italians a little bit less, since it is a little bit expensive, according to them. You have to keep in mind that, for them, a sandiwich is just something cheap and quick to make, due to the fact that in Italy people don’t use that much topping.

But never mind, since it’s the only American bar where you can taste the original cupcakes, muffins, cheesecake, cinnamon buns and whoopie pies, maybe during a sunny day, sitting outside in the dehor, or inside, chatting with the waiters. The desserts take advantage of seasonal fruits and, of course the American-style coffee.

Located in via della Chiesa 34r, in the historic district of Florence, just a couple of steps away from Santo Spirito, Pitti Palace, and Ponte Vecchio, it is a must for tourists who go around the city visiting museums and churches without resting a little bit.

Open from Monday to Saturday, the place is closed on Sunday, and that’s a pity, since you can’t enjoy a very tasty brunch sitting in a cosy area, enjoying your food or desserts and drinks while relaxing before start the day work or your visit around the city.

You can easy understand that most of the time it can happen that all the seats are taken, so you should be patient: it’s worth to wait, rather than leaving to go in some ordinary Italian bar where your choise is always limitated to the same food.

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