Isola D’Elba

elbaislandIsola d’Elba and its “sisters” are extraordinary places rich in history with historic Etruscan mines, Medici fortifications and the place of exile of Napoleone Bonaparte. A fascinating part of the Mediterranean with sun, white beaches, ancient civilian ruins and coral reefs which is an ideal escape from city breaks.

The island is the biggest and well known of the Archipelago. Arriving by ferry at the port and capital of Portoferraio, make a stop at the Napoleonic house of Mulini in which the Emperor stayed for 10 months with its fine views of the bay. From here, you can admire the sea and leave in search of a smaller tranquil beach.

Going west the first beach is Biodola where the park is only a few metres sheltering the slim beach which meets with the transparent, clean crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Biodola. Following along the road is the splendid Poggio and Marciana villages, two terraces 600 metres high peaks on the sea.

From Marciana to Monte Capanne, the highest point in the Archipelago, where there is not only chestnut woods but also spectacular views of Corsica and all the islands. Further west you can discover the less tourist part of Elba. Beaches not to miss include Pomonte, Fetovaia and Chiassi.

Days at the beach can also last after sunset, hyperactive sports lovers like windsurfers can find there paradise in the Gulf of Lacona where every year surfers can ride the Maestral winds.