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Japanese Movie Fest in Florence

florence japananese movieFesta della Toscana 2009 wants to interchange experiences between the contemporary Japanese culture and the Italian scene. That’s the main reason of these four days dedicated to japanese cinema, from 27 to 31 November.

Rassegna del Cinema Giapponese will start on 27th November in the Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, presenting movies coming from contemporary Japanese cinema: short action and animation films, film that reached success and are now loved by an international audience and even emerging talents.

Italian songwriters in Livorno with Premio Ciampi

arboreIn the name of singer/songwriter Piero Ciampi the prestigious Premio Ciampi-Town of Livorno prize comes to the fifteenth edition, from 14 to 17 November 2009 at Teatro Goldoni.

During these years Premio Ciampi has hosted new authors and discovered new trends, that are changing the history of Italian songwriting. Piero Ciampi died prematurely in 1980, leaving an indelible mark on popular music. The fifteenth edition develops around the symbolic concept of the wall. Not really to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Berlin Wall Fall, but to focus attention on the different barriers that divide us.

“Festa della Toscana” 2009. Arts, culture, future

Tuscany Feast 2009The Region of Tuscany has instituted Festa della Toscana with a Decree in 2001, to commemorate the abolition of the death penalty on 30 November 1786. Granducato di Toscana, hold by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo, had been the first nation to abolish death penalty.

The promotion of human rights, peace and justice, are the other aims of this festival that will spred through the region in November and December, bringing music, theatre, cinema, lectures, art exhibition and much more.