How to visit Pisa in half day

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Most of the tourists who come to Italy don’t have enough time to spend several days in one city, since they want to visit as many places as possible. That’s why sometimes they set up a weekend to visit both Florence and Pisa. There is no way you can stay in Florence for that short vising everything, it is true, but you can easily set up just half day in Pisa, since the monuments are located in the same area.

We are offering you a short excursion pointing you the must see places. Simply follow our guide and you will definitely enjoy your time in Pisa!

First: as soon you arrive there, walk along the entrance gate, which is called “Porta Santa Maria”, and you will have an extraordinary view. Take as many pictures as you want, eat at the bar or at the restaurant at the entrance (keep in mind prices can be expensive), sneak around the open air market on the right, where you can buy all the souvenirs you want from all the most important cities in Italy. Yes, you will be able to buy calendars, T-shirts, bags, etc. from Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples and, of course, Pisa.

Second: once you are done, lose your in Piazza dei Miracoli, the famous square where you there are located the Monumental Graveyard, the popular Leaning Tower, the Baptistery and the Cathedral. You can visit the inside of all these buildings, but you need to keep in mind some rules: you have to book tickets at least half hour before going up to the Tower, because of the long line waiting at the entrance, plus on Sundays you can only visit part of the Cathedral due to the morning services. You can choose if you want the local guide or just visiting by yourself, breathing deeply before climbing the Tower  and feel the emotion of being leaning

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