Florence: enjoy the new mysterious tour

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FlorenceIf you are planning to go to Florence, here there is a great news for you: a misterious tour through art, architecture and culture.

You will have to guess the clues, which are related to the monuments located near the spot you are at, and you will have 3 hours to solve the case.

You will play the detectives who have to find out who ordered the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici, the duke of Urbino. Who was the responsible between Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raffaello Sanzio, Andrea del Sarto or Niccolò Macchiavelli?

All of them were members of “La Rosa dei Venti”, a secret order where people were considered friends. All except one, of course.

Get ready to investigate, to live the city, to discover secrets and stories and to better visit Florence under a different light.

The creators of the tour are so excited about this idea, and if it works, they will definitely set it up for other Italian cities, studying new cases related to each place the tour be hosted.

Florence has been choosen as first one since it is the most used in both videogames and books: think about Dante’s Inferno game or the latest Dan Brown’s book.

A very creative and innovative way to go around Florence according to the hints given by the organizators. Some of them could be like: which animals are the statues in this square?

All the participants will receive a map and the winner, the one who solve the mysteries first, will win a reward. Are you ready to be the best detective?

You can choose which tour you would like to join, if the one starting at 10 am or the one at 4 pm. Both of them start at the edge of Piazza San Firenze e via Condotta.

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