villas tuscanyUsually when we speak about Villas in Tuscany we refer to high level accommodations in special locations. Originally a villa was an upper-class cottage house, that started in Roman times to give hospitality to nobles during their vacations.

Nowadays the concept of villa has really changed and it refers to a particular type of detached suburban dwelling. The name villa can be associated to a free-standing house surrounded by a garden, built by upper-class people.

From an architectural point of view these buildings are well known for their spacious rooms, their confortable drawing rooms with fireplace, sofas and big tables to read, play games and have breakfast or tea time.

Usually villas keep parts related to their country origin, like wine cellars, archs and columns, under which fruits were collected. Owners often wanted to harvest their own products. By that way today a garden with private swimming pool, flowers and fruit trees encircle villas. The best thing to do there is catching the Tuscan sun in a fully equipped solarium, listening to the birds.

Villas are perfect for big families, groups of friends or two families joined for a special holiday. That is way these kind of accommodations are increasingly demanded in Tuscany. Holyday formula is exciting and relaxing at the same time.

Villas are located just outside main cities, that can be reached through daily journeys. Foreign visitors want to have a quiet and “slow” holiday, without loosing the possibility to visit main areas. That’s why they have started this habit: one day for travelling around Tuscany and the other to rest in their villas, having the opportunity to know the real behaviour of rural Tuscan people.

There are villas for everyone: luxury villas to feel like a princess in honeymoon, villas for a special holiday in summertime, that have to be booked early if you want the best choice and villas for a family with dogs too.

Outside Lucca or Florence wedding villas are fantastic places that everyone dreams for his marriage. Excellent caterings will brought everything you need in the highest quality.

Furthermore villas are the main ingredient for a unforgettable holiday.